The “Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and Non-Indigenous Species” plan to bring together specialists from across the Mediterranean region to discuss the state of knowledge available on species, key formations in the Mediterranean and non-indigenous species (NIS) and to present the latest developments in their conservation, the results of research and their impacts on marine and coastal biodiversity. 

Multi-stakeholder roundtables/workshops with the objective of generating a constructive exchange of information and share of knowledge on the conservation of marine key habitats and the best strategies for dealing with non-indigenous species will also be organized. 

The working language of the symposia will be English. Simultaneous translation will be available. 

The symposia will focus on the following main themes:


Marine Vegetation, Coralligenous and other Bio-Concretions  

Dark Habitats                                                                                         

Non-Indigenous Species                                                                                                
  • Population, biology, ecology and dynamics (including species inventory)
  • Mapping and monitoring (and associated organisms)
  • Impacts and threats to key biocenoses of the Mediterranean (including global changes)
  • Conservation, management and restoration.
  • State of knowledge
  • Study methods
  • Management
  • State of knowledge and monitoring
  • Impacts
  • Control and management


The symposia will include:

  • Oral communication sessions (for articles)
  • Poster sessions
  • Round tables / workshops
  • Training (tentative)

According to the number of accepted oral communications and posters, the detailed program of the symposia will be prepared and will be available at the end of November 2018.