Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Following the recommendations of :

a series of scientific symposia, dedicated to these habitats and NIS, was initiated in 2000 by organising the first Mediterranean Symposium on Marine vegetation. These initiatives aimed essentially to take stock of the recently available scientific data and to promote the cooperation between specialists and key actors working in the Mediterranean.

The “Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and NIS” will provide also an opportunity to discuss best practices in the monitoring of marine key and non-indigenous species and provide elements to further improve the  Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast and related Assessment Criteria (IMAP), of the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) in the Mediterranean.

In a joint agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, it was decided to organize the “Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key habitats and NIS” together back to back in Antalya from 14 to 18 January as follows :


6th Mediterranean Symposium on Marine vegetation
3rd Mediterranean Symposium on the Conservation of Coralligenous and other Calcareous Bio-Concretions
2nd Mediterranean Symposium on the Conservation of the Dark Habitats
1st Mediterranean Symposium on the Non-Indigenous Species


TUDAV , the Turkish Marine Research Foundation, SPA/RAC partner will be the local organizer of this event.

This edition will also be a good opportunity to discuss new topics such as the monitoring, the definition of Good Environmental Status (GES) in the Mediterranean and so strengthen links between scientists and scientific institutions.

It is my great pleasure and honor to invite you to the Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and NIS and look forward to welcoming all in person in Antalya, Turkey

See you soon in Antalya

Khalil ATTIA
SPA/RAC Director